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The HANDBOOK OF EXCELLENT ENTERPRISES IN THE PALLET INDUSTRY, crafted by the Pallet Professional Committee of CFLP, has been officially released!

The launch of the Handbook is aimed at establishing an excellent pallet product database, promoting new products, new technologies and new techniques in the pallet industry, providing reference materials for the procurement of user units, providing high quality services for the industry enterprises, helping the country to achieve the dual of carbon goals, and promoting the high-quality development of the pallet industry.

The Handbook is in the form of a notebook, exquisite and beautiful, with a wide range of uses, totalling 5,000 copies, which will be used in the relevant conferences, forums and exchanges hosted or organised by the Pallet Professional Committee (Pallet International Conference, Working Conference, BRAPS Conference, etc.), exhibitions and forums in which the Pallet Committee participates (ESYE Shanghai Express & Logistics Exhibition, CeMAT ASIA, etc.), enterprise visits, international exchanges, and directional gifts for member units and scientific research institutes.
If you want to get the Handbook, please contact CCLP Pallet Committee.
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