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CFLP Attends the 15th Asian Pallet System Alliance Conference

On July 31, 2020, the “15th Asian Pallet Systems Federation (APSF) Conference” was held in the form of an online conference, and more than 70 relevant leaders of governments, industry associations, pallet production and operation companies from Asian countries participated. China IoT Pallet Committee and International Cooperation Department attended the meeting.

Ma Zengrong, Director of the Pallet Committee, delivered a speech and speech on behalf of the China Federation of Things, and proposed the main work ideas of the China Federation of Things in the international exchange of pallets in the future. Ma Zengrong pointed out that pallets, as an infrastructure in international logistics, should expand exchanges and cooperation with more regions, especially Europe, under the background of China’s economic development and the construction of the “Belt and Road”, and suggested the establishment of a broader IPSF (International Pallet Sharing Federation) exchange and cooperation platform. As a large industrial manufacturing country, China is actively promoting the construction and development of the supply chain, while the construction of a standard system for the supply chain of logistics facilities and equipment is also crucial. Here I hope that all countries can pay close attention to the difficulties and choices that China’s pallet industry is currently facing, and jointly face the opportunities and challenges faced by China’s pallet market, and develop and progress together with the Chinese market.

The 14th Asian Pallet System Alliance Conference was held in Tokyo in 2019
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