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The 12th Asian Pallet Systems Federation Conference 2017 was held in Suzhou, China

On May 26, 2017, the “12th Asian Pallet System Federation Conference” hosted by the Asian Pallet System Federation (APSF) and undertaken by Pallet Professional Committee of CFLP was concluded in Suzhou, Jiangsu  Province. This session is unprecedented in scale, atmosphere, quality and evaluation. As a highly professional international conference from home and abroad representatives of about three hundred people to participate. Zhang Xiang, deputy inspector of the Ministry of Commerce, Wu Qingyi, rotating chairman of the Asian Pallet System Federation, Korea Pallet and Container Association President Xu Byung Lun, Japan Pallet Association President Kazuhiko Yamazaki, China Merchants Lukai President Sirin Limpaitoon for the General Assembly to make a wonderful speech.

During the conference, the composition of APSF leaders was adjusted and a number of APSF pallet-related standards and ISO pallet-related standards were discussed. The keynote speeches and interactive exchanges of the conference were rich in content, relevant to reality, multi-angle, all-round, incisive and thorough analysis and elaboration of the role of pallets in enterprises, industries and socio-economic development, as well as the positive significance of pallet standardisation for regional and global economic development. Thematic exchanges practical, reference, operational, authoritative, the logistics industry to change the business philosophy, improve the sense of innovation, to solve the puzzles faced by enterprises to play a positive role in promoting.

Asia Pallet System Alliance Conference is a platform for the Asian pallet industry, is the Asian pallet entrepreneurs meeting place, but also members of the pallet family exchanges, communication, consultation, negotiation, cooperation and win-win opportunities. The Alliance Conference is held only once a year, and China has hosted it since 2015 when it became the rotating presidency, and this year is the twelfth and third time to be held in China, with representatives of industry organisations and enterprise representatives from seven Asian countries. As well as more than three hundred pallet enterprises from China, pallet users, pallet equipment manufacturers, pallet leasing companies, research institutes, consulting organisations, and representatives of administrative departments met here to discuss the current status of the development of the pallet industry and pallet certification system in Asian countries.

The conference was assisted by LOSCAM, Shanghai Lika, Wuhu Hongchun, Shanghai Qinghao, Qiancheng Wood, Jinhua Jiete, Zhongshan Wooden Ware, Shenzhen Renhui, Suzhou Dasen, Tianjin New-Found, Guangdong Luofushan, Chongqing Nuoxin, Shanghai Shuren Wood, Shandong Befort and other units.

The 13th Asian Pallet System Alliance Conference was held in Guangzhou in 2018
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