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To promote international communication, cooperation and pallet sharing further, China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP) Pallet Professional Committee had invited the European Pallet Association (EPAL) as co-founder to jointly launch “The Belt and Road Action of Pallet Sharing (BRAPS)”. The establishment of BRAPS would be the important milestone in strengthening China-EU logistics cooperation and promoting international pallet sharing. We will work with all organizations and institutions from different countries to explore how to build an internationally connected open pallet recycling and sharing system step by step, realize global pallet cross-border recycling and exchanging, promote the sustainable development of green logistics in the world, and play an active role in strengthening global economic and social stability.

To achieve the above goal, we sincerely propose:

1. BRAPS would like to invite administrative departments, industry associations, institutes, enterprises, and other related units from different countries and regions along the “Belt and Road” to accelerate the utilization and development of international pallet in different levels. BRAPS is committed to building an open international pallet sharing platform and establishing an international cross-border recycling pallet exchanging system, which will exert supply chain synergies and form a collaborative force.

2. BRAPS would like to facilitate the matching of policies and standards between different countries, to establish a platform for different countries to negotiate cross-border pallet transportation issues, and to formulate a collaborative management mechanism. It will be the fundamental guarantee for the transportation, recycling and sharing of cross-border pallets.

3. To build an international information exchanging and interacting platform by holding BRAPS forums regularly, where BRAPS members can share experiences about pallet application and development in different countries and regions. To establish a mechanism for visits and cooperative researches among members, where they can do in-depth research about pallet sharing issues. To form an international supply chain system with integrity and high efficiency.

4. BRAPS will establish multilateral communication and cooperation mechanisms among all organizations and enterprises from different countries. Through BRAPS, all enterprises and operating agencies can enhance cooperation, jointly improve the international pallet operation network, and innovate the pallet cross-border business model for promoting the development of pallet supply chain.

Last but not least, BRAPS highly and warmly welcome relevant government departments, industry associations, enterprises and organizations form all the countries along “The Belt and Road” to join us. Let’s discuss pallet sharing and application together, and promote the construction of international pallet sharing.

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