• China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing Pallet Professional Committee

CFLP, Related organization -CFLP

China Federation of Logistics& Purchasing (CFLP), the only social organization of logistics industry in China, was established in Beijing and approved by the State Council. CFLP comes from the Chinese Ministry of Minerals& Equipments, after “Reform and Open” government launched Institutional reform, and it is named as China Federation of Logistics& Purchasing (CFLP), China society of logistics (CSL), logistics sub-council of CCPIT. There are 200 full time employers in Function Departments of Secretariat in CFLP, and 1000 employees in the associations and institutions under the Administration of CFLP. The mission of CFLP is to promote the innovation and development of Chinese logistics and procurement. The government authorizes CFLP the functions of foreign affairs, science and technology, trade statistics and standards drafting& revising, etc.

Introduction to the Pallet Committee
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