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The 16th China Pallet International Conference and 2021 Global Pallet Entrepreneurs Annual Meeting was held in Chengdu

The 16th China Pallet International Conference and 2021 Global Pallet Entrepreneurs Annual Meeting was held in Chengdu from 18th to 20th December 2021, hosted by China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP) and organized by CFLPPallet Professional Committee.

Representatives from Japan, Korea, Latvia, Belarus, Austria and other countries based in China, as well as representatives from Germany, Denmark, Malaysia, Spain, Australia, Ukraine, Finland, UK, Sweden, USA, Chile, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other countries and regions participated in the conference through online connection. A total of more than 500 representatives from more than 260 enterprises at home and abroad, including pallet manufacturers and operators, pallet users, pallet equipment manufacturers, raw material suppliers, equipment enterprises, government agencies, research units, universities and colleges, attended the conference.

Mr. Cai Jin, Chairman of the International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Management (IFPSM) Asia Pacific Region, Rotating President of the Belt and Road Action of Pallet Sharing (BRAPS), Vice President of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP), and Mr. Robert HOLLIGER, Chairman-in-Office of the Belt and Road Pallet Sharing Initiative (BRAPS). Chairman of the European Pallet Association (EPA), Mr. Mr. Byong-Yoon SUH, Chairman of Korea Pallet Container Association (KPCA), Ms. Kano Naomi, President of the Japan Pallet Association (JPA) and Mr. Tan Swee Heng, President of the Malaysia Pallet Association (MPA), were the opening speakers. During the conference, 29 speakers from home and abroad analysed the new situation and changes in the pallet industry both at home and abroad and discussed the new trends for the future high-quality development of the pallet industry, based on the conference theme of “Green, Cooperation, Sharing and Innovation”. The conference provided an important platform for the pallet industry, enterprises and units to take stock of the whole year, analyse the future and learn from each other.

During the conference, the “2021 Sustainable Development Report of China Pallet Industry” was released. The report is led by the Pallet Professional Committee of the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP) and jointly prepared by Tsinghua University School of Environment – Recycling Economy Industry Research Centre and Linyang East (Beijing) Technology Co. The report covers the development of China’s pallet industry, the sustainable development of the whole life cycle of pallets and the related social responsibility, providing support for the in-depth study of hot issues in the development of pallets, exploring the future direction of sustainable development and realising the goal of “double carbon” in the pallet industry.

During the conference, a signing ceremony was held to launch the “Jingdong Cloud Box ‘Digital Intelligent Transportation Platform’ Ecological Alliance”. Jingdong Cloud Box “Digital Intelligent Transport Platform” Eco-Alliance is located to serve ecological partners, pallet leasing customers and digital freight customers in the Jingdong Cloud Box Eco-Alliance, as well as serving the pallet industry chain and digital transportation with boards. The establishment of the “Digital Intelligent Transportation Platform” Eco-Alliance means that JD Cloud Box has taken an important step towards supply chain “chain service”.

An exhibition on “New pallet products, materials and technologies” was held in parallel with the conference. 68 booths of 58 companies showcased leading pallet products, technologies and services at home and abroad for delegates.

The conference was supported by companies such as HOREN, Tederic Machinery, LogisALL , Shenzhen Pallet Sharing, Joyant Intelligent, CHEP (China), Jinyuan Group Wuhu Zhongshan Wooden Packaging, LOSCAM, Jiangsu Zhonghe Intelligent Packaging, BORCH Machinery, Shanghai Lika, JD Logistics, Zhejiang Zhaoxi Plastic Mould, Jiangsu Qiancheng, Tianjin New-Found, Chongqing Nuoxin, Shandong Tengbo, Qingdao Saifan, Henan King Sitong, etc. It was also supported by the European Pallet Association, Japan Pallet Association, Korea Pallet and Container Association, Pallet Business Association of the Philippines, Malaysian Pallet Association and other foreign associations, as well as the China Materials Storage & Transportation Association and the pallet-related industry associations of various provinces and cities.

The conference was a complete success under the concern of the leaders and the support and cooperation of many guests and representatives. The participants not only learned the latest developments in the pallet industry at home and abroad, opened up their horizons and clarified the direction of efforts, but also exchanged and interacted with many industry colleagues through the conference and discussed new trends in the pallet industry.

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