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The 18th China Pallet International Conference and the 2023 Annual Meeting of Global Pallet Entrepreneurs were held in Xi’an

The 18th China Pallet International Conference and the 2023 Annual Meeting of Global Pallet Entrepreneurs were held in Xi’an

The 18th China Pallet International Conference and 2023 Annual Meeting of Global Pallet Entrepreneurs, organized by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing and hosted by the China Material Handling & Logistics Technology Association Pallet Committee, was held in Xi’an, Shaanxi Province from November 29 to December 1, 2023.

This International Pallet Conference brought together industry elites from both domestic and international circles. It was a grand gathering for professionals in the pallet industry, serving as an important platform for annual reviews, the promotion and exchange of technical experiences, and for seeking cooperative partnerships. The conference was attended by delegates from Germany, South Korea, Japan, Malaysia, Denmark, Singapore, Latvia, and other countries. Additionally, representatives from Australia, Spain, Ukraine, Finland, the United Kingdom, Sweden, the United States, Chile, Taiwan (China), and Hong Kong (China) participated online. More than 530 delegates were present, including those from domestic and international pallet production and operation companies, raw material suppliers, pallet equipment manufacturers, equipment companies, pallet user companies, government agencies, industry associations, research institutions, and colleges. Centered around the theme of ‘Green, Cooperation, Sharing, Innovation,’ the conference facilitated discussions on new situations and changes in the pallet industry both domestically and globally, exploring new trends in the high-quality development of the pallet industry. Concurrently, an exhibition titled ‘New Pallet Products, Materials, and Processes’ was held, featuring 80 booths from 71 companies, showcasing the latest domestic and international pallet products, technologies, and services.

11.30 Opening Ceremony

Mr. CAI Jin, Vice President, China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP); Vice President, IFPSM; Rotating President, BRAPS

Mr. Cai Jin stated in his speech that, looking at the current development situation, both China and the global economy have entered a period of transformational development. From the perspective of China’s economic development, the following three aspects are conducive to the development of China’s pallet industry: First, the continuous and stable improvement of China’s economy provides a solid market foundation for the development of the pallet industry. Second, the rapid development of China’s digital economy poses higher demands for the development of the pallet industry. Third, the continuous maturation of China’s supply chain development creates new opportunities for the pallet industry. Mr. Cai Jin emphasized that although there are many factors promoting the development of the pallet industry, in view of the current development of China’s economy, it is necessary to maintain a basic pattern of stable growth in terms of speed, and more importantly, to continuously improve in terms of quality. This includes the digital economy, advanced production organization methods, and innovation in supply chains. These not only bring new opportunities for the development of the pallet industry but also pose new challenges.

Mr. Bernd DOERRE, Chief Executive Officer of EPAL

Mr. Bernd DOERRE briefly reviewed the fruitful achievements of the Belt and road Action of Pallet Sharing (BRAPS) and the visit of Chinese pallet enterprises to Europe in 2023 in his speech. He mentioned that a few days ago, the European Parliament passed the ‘Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation’ (PPWR). If this legislation is also approved by the European Council and the European Commission, starting from 2024, Europe will fully implement this new law concerning packaging reuse and recycling. These packaging regulations will not only affect logistics within Europe but will also impact the import and export trade logistics between other countries and Europe.

Mr. SUH Byong-Yoon, Rotating Chairman, APSF; Chairman, Korea Pallet Container Association (KPCA)

Mr. SUH Byong-Yoon stated that with the diversification of consumer demands, the distribution of wide variety of goods and small quantities are increasing in his speech. This trend is bringing about a new situation for the unitized logistics system based on logistics standardization. Standardization is needed from existing pallet units to smaller units, highlighting the importance of the express delivery packaging module system. To build an optimized B2C supply chain management network, it is crucial to expand the use of standardized logistics containers based on the unitized logistics system, thereby constructing a shared pallet system. This is also aimed at building an environmentally friendly logistics system and reducing the waste from logistics packaging that comes with the rapid development of life logistics.

Mr. SHUKUYA Hajime, Executive Director of Japan Pallet Association (JPA)

Mr. SHUKUYA Hajime introduced a significant social issue in Japan, known as the ‘2024 Logistics Problem.’ Starting from April 2024, due to the shortage of truck drivers and stricter regulations on overtime for these drivers, there is a risk that goods may not be transported. Without taking measures, by 2030, even more goods may face transportation issues. To address this problem, the Japanese government is actively advocating for the promotion of palletized transportation and pallet rental within the industry and maximizing the use of standard pallets to facilitate recycling and circulation. Therefore, it is expected that the popularization and standardization of pallets in Japan will accelerate in the future. Mr. SHUKUYA Hajime expressed his hope for strengthening global cooperation to enhance the usage and standardization of pallets, thereby reducing labor, and improving logistics efficiency.

Mr. LOONG Kam Shing, Secretary General of Malaysia Pallet Association (MPA)

Mr. LOONG Kam Shing, in his speech, introduced the economic situation and the development of the pallet industry in Malaysia. Mr. LOONG stated that despite weak external demand, Malaysia’s GDP is expected to grow by 3.9% year-on-year in 2023 and slightly increase to 4.3% in 2024. In 2023, the annual production of pallets in Malaysia is expected to grow by 5% to 7% compared to 2022. Although this has not yet reached the sales volume before Covid-19, we remain optimistic about the new government’s ability to attract more foreign direct investment and increase domestic direct investment to meet economic growth.

Mr. QIAO Jigang, President of Shaanxi Logistics & Purchasing Federation

Mr. QIAO Jigang introduced the overall situation of the logistics industry in Shaanxi and stated that Xi’an, as the starting point of the ancient Silk Road, an important city along the Eurasian Continental Bridge land corridor and the new western land-sea corridor, is also a major node city actively participating in the ‘Belt and Road’ initiative. Today, Xi’an has become a comprehensive logistics hub city with a ‘four-type logistics hub + backbone cold chain base’ model, despite not being located by the sea or along a major river. It plays a key role in the national logistics network as a critical node, an important platform, and a backbone hub, with excellent logistics infrastructure conditions. Furthermore, the continuous advancement of new technologies such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, big data, and cloud computing also provides a strong driving force for the upgrade of the logistics automation and warehousing equipment industry in Shaanxi, indicating a huge potential market demand for logistics pallets in the region.

11.30 Conference Speech

Tederic Innovative Solutions of Sustainability
Tederic Machinery Co., Ltd. – Logistic Industry Application Expert  

Borch Logistics Pallet Intelligent Injection Molding and Application
Borch Machinery Co., Ltd. – Pallet Product Line Manager  
LIN Wenqiang

New Concept of Global Pallet Pooling System – RRPP: Applications in Cross-border Trading
LogisALL – General Manager
JIN Guangxi

Digital and Intelligent Forming Technology for Logistics Pallets
HAITIAN Plastic Machinery Group Co., Ltd. – KA Customer General Manager

Korea Pallet Industry Status
Korean Pallet and Container Association – Executive Director
KIM Deok-Yeol

The logistics challenges in Japan toward 2024 and what JPR works on
Japan Pallet Rental Corporation – Director and Executive Officer
ARAI Takefumi

2023 Pallet Professional Committee of CFLP Annual Work Report – BRAPS, Enterprise Standards “Forerunner” and Standardization
Pallet Professional Committee of CFLP – General Secretary
SUN Xijun

Reinvention and innovation, leading the way in one-stop pallet solutions
Bole Intelligent Machinery Co., Ltd. – Technical Director
LIU Yupeng

HAD AIOT Intelligent Pooling Pallet IoT Solution Supports the Social-wide Pallet Sharing Platform
China National Packaging IOT Tech Co., Ltd. – CEO
XING Shengnan

Proposal for a Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR)

Trends in the Globalization of Low-carbon MDI Molded Pallets
Wanhua Chemical Group Co., Ltd. – Director of Procurement
JI Wenzhe

EC Pallet, for Scope 3 Decarbonisattion in Supply Chain and “Net Zero” Circular Economy
Unit Wealth Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. – Founder
LIU Yingjun

Research on the Connection and Matching between Pallet, Packaging and Logistics Equipment
Pallet Professional Committee of CFLP – Director Assistant
ZHANG Jinshu

Digital Transformation Empowers Intelligent Packaging Manufacturing
Shanghai BOA Information Technology Co., Ltd – General Manager
CAO Xiaoting

Redefine Design Creates Value @ GPT Times
Shanghai Jiryy Design House – General Manager

Bamboo-wood Composite Pallet, Leading the Pallet Industry Into a New Era of Low Carbon and Eco-friendly
CIMC Eco Material Supply Co.,Ltd – Director

Pallet Certification – Assisting in the High-Quality Development of the Industry
China Quality Certification Centre – Director of Marketing
PAN Meijian

New Models, New Ideas, New Growth Points, and New Operational Models in the Pallet Industry over the Next 10 Years
Wuhu Huanyu Wooden Packaging Packaging Co., Ltd. – Chief Expert of the Strategic Consultanting Team
CAI Xianjin

Building a Socialized Integrated Physical and Digital Logistics Carrier Service System
Zhongtuo (Fujian) Technology Co., Ltd. – Chief Strategy Officer
WU Tao
12.01 Conference Speech

China Timber Market and Overview of Timber Imports in the First Three Quarters
China Timber & Wood Products Distribution Association – Honorary President  
ZHU Guangqian

Summary of Foreign Timber Markets
Suifenhe Friendship Wood (Group) Co.,Ltd – General Manager  

New Materials, New Technologies, New Models to Help Green Transition and Sustainable Development toward the Pallet Industry
Renew Material (Jiangsu) Company Limited – Founder & CEO   
WONG Teck Tin

Introduction of Pallets Industrial Policies and Certification Rules
China Quality Certification Centre Product Department 3 Automative Department – Supervising Engineer

<Standard Pallet Implementation Rules> — The Implementation Requirements and Significance of Pallets Identifier
GS1 China Innovation Application Promotion Studio – Senior Director

The Transportation Test Requirement for Palletized Products in ISTA Standards
Shenzhen Yitong Testing Technology Co., Ltd. – Deputy General Manager
XIAO Wenjuan

Pallet Certification Inspection Requirements and Significance
China Packaging Research & Test Centre – Director of Test Centre
CHEN Zhenqiang

Delivery Inspection of Wooden Pallets
China Quality Certification Centre (South China Laboratory) – Director

Enterprise Standards “Forerunner” Awards

In 2023, three companies in the pallet industry were honored with the title of 2023 Enterprise Standards ‘Forerunner’. These standards were officially released through the ‘Enterprise Standard Leader Management Information Platform’ (https://www.qybzlp.com), becoming ‘Forerunner’ in the field of enterprise standards for pallet rental services and other material handling equipment (steel flat pallets). The enterprise standard <Pallet Rental Service Management Specification> by Anhui Aipaide Intelligent Logistics Technology Co., Ltd. was recognized for the first time, while the enterprise standards <Steel Flat Pallet> by Nanjing Lanyuda Storage Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. and <Pallet Rental Service> by Shenzhen Pallet Sharing Technology Co., Ltd. were re-evaluated and honored again after a review of the previous year’s ‘Forerunner’. Additionally, in 2023, several other companies’ applications are currently in the public announcement stage, and it is expected that they will be approved in December.


China Federation of Logistics & Purchasing (CFLP)
President Assistant, Director of the Pallet Committee
MA Zengrong

Chief Representative in Asia
AN Xiaowei

Jiangsu Zhonghe Intelligent Packaging Co., Ltd.
Deputy General Manager
LIN Xinkui

Qingdao Saifan Packaging Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
General Manager
WANG Chengjun

Shanghai BOA Information Technology Co., Ltd
General Manager
CAO Xiaoting

Exhibition Display

Concurrently with the conference, an exhibition titled ‘New Pallet Products, Materials, and Processes’ was also held. It featured 80 booths from 71 companies, showcasing the latest domestic and international pallet products, technologies, and services to the delegates.

Conference Live


This conference received special support from Tederic Machinery, as well as sponsorship support from LogisALL Group, HAITIAN Plastic Machinery Group, Borch Machinery, Zhejiang Kaihua Logistics Technology, Bole Intelligent, LOSCAM Greater China, Jiangsu Zhonghe Intelligent, China National Packaging IOT, Jiangsu Qiancheng, Shanghai Lika, Zhongshan Woodware, Shenzhen Pallet Sharing, Shandong Tengbo, Tianjin Xinchuang, Chongqing Nuoxin, Xintong Mould, Qingdao Saifan, and other enterprises. It also received strong support from international associations such as the European Pallet Association, Asian Pallet System Federation, Korea Pallet and Container Association, Japan Pallet Association, Malaysia Pallet Association, and the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association of the USA, as well as the China Material Storage and Transportation Association, Shaanxi Province Logistics and Purchasing Federation, and pallet-related industry associations from various provinces and cities.

The conference was successfully held with the concern of various leaders and the support and cooperation of many guests and delegates. It allowed participants to further deepen their understanding of the latest developments in the pallet industry both domestically and internationally. Everyone gathered together to discuss the development prospects of China’s pallet industry, strengthen cooperation and communication between enterprises, and jointly promote the innovative and high-quality development of the pallet industry.

The HANDBOOK OF EXCELLENT ENTERPRISES IN THE PALLET INDUSTRY, crafted by the Pallet Professional Committee of CFLP, has been officially released!
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