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The 12th China Pallet International Conference and 2017 Global Pallet Entrepreneurs Annual Meeting was held in Nanjing

On December 1, 2017, the 12th China Pallet International Conference and 2017 Global Pallet Entrepreneurs Annual Meeting, organized by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing and undertaken by the Pallet Professional Committee of CFLP, was grandly held in Nanjing.

More than 240 representatives from China, Germany, Denmark, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Spain, Latvia and other countries, including pallet manufacturers, pallet user enterprises, pallet machinery manufacturing enterprises, pallet leasing enterprises, government agencies, universities and colleges, and research units, gathered in Nanjing.

Mr. Cai Jin, Vice President of China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing, Mr. Wu Qingyi, Rotating Chairman of Asia Pallet System Federation, Mr. Thomas Beenen, General Manager of EPAL Global General Office, Mr. Byong-Yoon SUH, Chairman of Korea Pallet and Container Association and Mr. Okabe Toshifumi, Vice President of Japan Pallet Association delivered opening speeches for the conference. During the conference, 17 speakers from home and abroad focused on the theme of “Synergy, Innovation, Openness and Win-Win”, and conducted in-depth exchanges and lively interactions on the development, use, operation and technology of the pallet industry, which provided an important platform for enterprises and units in the pallet industry to take stock of the whole year, analyse the future and learn and exchange.

At the same time, an exhibition on “New pallet products, materials and technologies” was held. In 23 booths of 22 exhibitors, the exhibitors presented the leading pallet products, technologies and services at home and abroad.

The conference was supported by LogisALL , CAPE, HOMAG China, JPR, ULP, Jiangyin Zhonghe, LOSCAM, Shanghai Lika, Wuhu Hongchun, Jiangsu Qiancheng, Zhongshan Wooden Ware, Nanjing Shengtai, Tianjin New-Found

, Guangdong Luofushan, Chongqing Nuoxin, etc. It was also supported by Suzhou Outbound Wooden Packaging Industry Association, Shandong Wooden Packaging Professional Committee, Wuhu Green Wooden Packaging Chamber of Commerce, Shijiazhuang Pallet Association, Zhejiang Outbound Wooden Packaging Industry Association, Shanghai Packaging Technology Association Wooden Products Packaging Committee and other relevant industry associations for their positive response, and sincerely thank the above units for their contribution to the smooth convening of this conference.

With the support and cooperation of leaders, guests and delegates, the conference was a complete success at the foot of Zijinshan Mountain. We would like to express our sincere thanks to all of you for your strong support to the work of the Pallet Committee of the China Federation of Materials, and the Pallet Committee will continue to make efforts for the development of China and even the global pallet industry. Purple Gold is traditionally a good omen, and with your support and joint efforts, the pallet industry will definitely move towards a better tomorrow! May all our entrepreneurs, with your millions of pallets, cross the great river of the market economy, and in the coming year take down a few more cities to capture the fruitful results of Chinese logistics and world logistics!

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